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An Interdimensional Laboratory Focused On Eliminating Archaic Models Of Creative Exploitation Through Virtual Workflow Optimization, Rapid Immersive Experience Prototyping, And Neo-Collaborative Fusion



* The ITAR Tech Review is created for curious super nerds. If you’re looking for more general information about ITAR or the ideas behind our forthcoming virtual escape room, Ha! Americans, click HERE ITAR Progress Pano 1-29-21 A photo of a cult leader in Duluth, Minnesota trying out the sigh-ber1 suit. The ITAR teledeck is a…

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Help Americans! Feature

Help Americans! ~ Info & Foundational Theories

  The quick and dirty // What is this thing?Help Americans! (HA!) is an experimental virtual escape room conceived by visual artist Daniel Benoit. This project is a collaboration between The Embassy and The University of Minnesota Duluth’s Motion + Media Across Disciplines (MMAD) Lab, currently in development alongside a group of interdisciplinary artists in…

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