We interrupt your “regularly” scheduled programming to bring you The Embassy’s Plaguestream.

We at the Embassy have received transmissions from inter-dimensional species on how to best survive the current plague. As such, we must come together to support fellow artistic beings we’ve made contact with during previous creative encounters.


“Our duty will be to provide a live streaming outlet to musicians, actors, and others who would benefit from their endeavors being broadcast via multiple media platforms.”


Gigs have been cancelled, shows have been postponed, but the art can and will continue.


“The Embassy will provide the space, technological infrastructure, and substratum for artistic beings to broadcast their signal to our community and beyond…”


We hope to stream art, music, spoken word and more – while also remaining vigilant to retransmit information to the community regarding novel Coronavirus and its effects on our community as a collective and a whole.

From the bottom of our hearts, depths of our minds, and vibrations of our souls… We Thank You.

Transmission Incoming Stream Graphic
Joe Shredding the Sax


We join the rising community of fellow artists, helping to keep us all alive and well – physically, intellectually, and ethereally – during this not-so-regular time.

Funds donated will go to support artists, arts and the operating costs of the space.


Staying connected, sharing our bandwidth, and providing a safe and clean dimension for artistic beings to transmit their gifts will ensure a thriving creative community until restrictions are lifted and we can join bands, actors, and others in the theaters, bars and event venues once again.